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Bus Stop Bakery is the dream of eight students and TV chef, and Master Pâtissier, Rudolph van Veen. The students were given the opportunity to set up a business while following the International Event Music and Entertainment Studies course. A shared love of honest and good food and a passion for business form the basis for this unique partnership. The various interests of these nine enthusiastic individuals are the driving force behind this concept.


Rudolph van Veen
Recipes and culinary interpretation of the Cupcakes & Clubcakes.

Nino Schöningh
Graphic design, Web Management, Marketing and Communications.

Martine van Leeuwen
Financial matters, contact with charities.

Maurice Scholten
Team building, music, festivals and tour schedule.

Nicole Melchers
Secretary, sales, communications and videos of Bus Stop Bakery concept.

Rick op het Veld
Music, festivals, tour schedule and driver.

Lidia Janssen
Charities and Social Media.

Joey Blanker
Tour schedule and Social Media.

Mandy de Kort
Legal matters and external communications.

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