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The Bus Stop Bakery is introducing ´clubcakes´, a new creation by Master Pâtissier Rudolph van Veen. A clubcake is a cross between a waffle and a club sandwich, a hamburger and a sponge cake.... It's something new that can't really be compared to anything currently available.

Clubcakes are sweet treats, yet less sweet than our cupcakes. Clubcakes are ideal as a lunch snack, a mid-morning or afternoon snack, a dessert or simply a little something extra. A clubcake consists of two slices of special dough with a delicious filling in between and can be eaten easily with your hands. Clubcakes are available in a number of scrumptious flavours and, of course, we also have a vegan and a gluten-free clubcake. Basically: something for everyone!

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Cupcakes have been hugely popular in America for quite some years and are currently taking the world by storm. The Bus Stop Bakery is now bringing the most delicious and most exceptional cupcakes to the Netherlands!